Why are leadership positions in shared services so hard to find online?

Executive roles are coveted positions that require a unique blend of leadership capabilities, communication skills, and strategic acumen. Yet with over 100,000 executive jobs available on popular job search platforms today, why is it so hard to locate those specific to Shared Services / Global Business Services?

Most job sites are too general

Popular job search sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and LinkedIn allow any employer to post jobs of any type and any level. These sites don’t do a good job of differentiating between senior management level and lower-level jobs. And more importantly, jobs are only shown in broad categories. Job seekers are therefore faced with the chore of sifting through tens of thousands of jobs only to find a handful that are the right level and are related to shared services.

What about so-called Executive sites?

Job listing sites that cater to higher-paid positions like The Ladders, Ivy Exec, and ExecuNet don’t differentiate between shared services-specific and other executive-level jobs. So, even though the jobs listed tend to be higher-paying, the job seeker is still forced to constantly search and filter to find shared services jobs. And since these sites don’t specialize in shared services positions, many aren’t included at all, especially those outside of the U.S.

Why apply online anyway?

Here are some reasons applying online is an important path to finding your next executive job in shared services:

  1. Job hunting is a numbers game – by applying to a large number of jobs, you greatly increase your chances of getting a call back.
  2. Some jobs are only listed online – if you aren’t applying, you are missing out on all of these.
  3. Understand the market – by viewing a large number of job listings you find out what is needed in the market, which allows you to highlight those skills.
  4. Exposure to other jobs – once your application is in a company’s database, its not uncommon for you to be considered for other like positions.
  5. Become a known quantity – those in the shared services industry tend to know each other and one way to get exposure is to get your name in front of a large number of hiring managers.
The JanusHire advantage

Job hunting sites that serve niche markets, like JanusHire.com, drastically reduce the amount of time executives must spend searching for jobs online. JanusHire.com, which caters specifically to executive roles in shared services / GBS, significantly cuts down the amount of time executives must devote to searching online for jobs. JanusHire provides an easy-to-use interface where job hunters can filter by elements such as location, salary level and job type – even offering an expedited service whereby job applications will be submitted on their behalf. 

Busy executives seeking more information should see https://janushire.com

Why are leadership positions in shared services so hard to find online?