Why Apply for Jobs Online at the Executive Level?

There are three paths to becoming aware of executive-level shared services opportunities:

  1. Your network.
  2. Recruiters.
  3. Applying to job postings.

If you are not fully utilizing all 3 paths, you are handicapping your job hunting effort! Here’s why it is especially important to search online job postings and directly apply for jobs:

  1. Job hunting is a numbers game.
    Your odds of landing a great role increase with each job application you submit. Even with a top- notch LinkedIn profile, a job hunter will only receive a handful of calls each month from recruiters. And the most well-connected shared services leader will only hear about a few positions via his/her network. Given most shared services positions are advertised online, searching for and applying to jobs provides the best chance to be considered for a large number of positions.
  2. Some jobs are only listed online.
    Almost all public-sector positions as well as many private sector ones are only available through applying. This is especially true in the case of companies that don’t have the resources to hire talent acquisition staff or engage outside executive recruiters. If you are not looking for and applying to jobs online you are missing the chance to be considered for a large number of positions.
  3. Viewing a large number of job listings helps you understand the market.
    As noted above, job seekers who are exposed to only those jobs brought to their attention by recruiters and those in their networks will only see a very limited selection of positions. By regularly reviewing new postings (even in locations you wouldn’t prefer) job seekers can better understand what is sought after in the market and how to position him/herself to meet those needs.
  4. Applying for one job can expose you to other jobs at that company.
    Applying for one job with a company could put you into consideration for other positions with that company. By applying at a large range of organizations you are broadening your horizons for potential shared services jobs.
  5. Applying at a large number of companies makes you a known quantity.
    In a time when impressions and reach are so important, having your name known to hiring managers at top companies that use a shared service/GBS model means you are building a pipeline of future opportunities. Even if a particular job wasn’t right for you initially, your efforts might still pay off down the line; you could get called about something more suitable later.
The JanusHire advantage

JanusHire offers affordable packages that make finding and applying for online jobs in
shared services quick and easy:

  1. JanusHire maintains a database of all posted shared services/GBS jobs available globally. This database is updated daily and is available 24/7 to allow busy executives to view, filter and sort all known positions without having to do any online research.
  2. Filling out a single application for a shared services job can take 30-45 minutes. The result is that busy executives only end up applying for a fraction of jobs they should apply for. JanusHire offers a job application service which takes this task off your plate so you can spend time on value-add activities like growing and engaging with your network of contacts.

See https://janushire.com for more information.

Why Apply for Jobs Online at the Executive Level?