How to Handle Being “Ghosted” in Job Hunting

Job hunting can be an emotional rollercoaster, especially when you’re on the hunt for an executive-level position. It’s not uncommon to experience periods of hopelessness and fear, exacerbated by instances when recruiters or potential employers suddenly stop communicating, leaving you in the dark. In today’s parlance, this phenomenon is referred to as being “ghosted.” How can you effectively handle these situations and maintain your sanity during an executive job search a shared services position? 

 Consider the Reasons for Being Ghosted 

It’s crucial to understand that being ghosted is rarely a personal reflection on your qualifications or worth. Often, companies change their minds about filling roles, and the hiring process is abruptly halted without notifying candidates. Sometimes, internal hires or other unforeseen circumstances cause the interruption. Additionally, many talent acquisition staff members are overworked, and tasks that don’t directly lead to hiring, such as following up with non-selected candidates, tend to be deprioritized. So it’s most often not about YOU. 

 Ensure Clear and Effective Communications 

Sometimes, what seems like ghosting may result from communication mishaps. For instance, a recruiter might have responded to you, but their email ended up in your spam folder, or they left a phone message after using a different communication method, and you missed it. Always double-check your communication channels to ensure you haven’t missed important updates. 

 Don’t Ghost Others 

Maintain your integrity as a good communicator. Avoid spreading the bad habit of ghosting and demoralizing others, especially those who are also looking for a job. Being respectful in your own communication can help improve the overall job-hunting experience for everyone involved. 

 Develop a Support Network 

In challenging times, it’s vital to lean on your support network. Friends and supportive colleagues are there to provide a listening ear and emotional support. While they may not directly impact your job search, their empathy and encouragement can make the journey more bearable. Be sure to nurture and rely on your support network. 

 Utilize Services Like JanusHire 

One proactive step you can take to maintain a positive outlook during your executive job search is to utilize services like JanusHire. JanusHire offers valuable features, such as the ability to track your progress week by week. It provides access to over 500 shared services jobs worldwide, allowing you to apply for positions regularly. This proactive approach increases your chances of being contacted by an employer that’s an excellent fit for you. And seeing your steady progress in applying can help you handle these temporary setbacks like being ghosted. 


Job hunting is never without its challenges, and being “ghosted” can be a disheartening experience. However, understanding the reasons behind being ghosted, maintaining clear communication, and fostering a supportive network can help you navigate these tough moments with resilience. Remember, it’s rarely a personal rejection, and you have the power to uphold good communication practices in your job search. 

Services like JanusHire offer tools to boost your job search confidence by providing regular relevant job leads and progress tracking. Staying focused, maintaining a strong support network, and utilizing the resources available can help you overcome the obstacles and secure that executive-level position in shared services you’ve been working towards. 

How to Handle Being “Ghosted” in Job Hunting