JanusHire’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is JanusHire?

JanusHire is a premier executive job search platform that provides subscription-based access to exclusive job listings and information for those seeking positions in shared services.

How does JanusHire cater to executive job searches?

JanusHire specializes in giving executives access to high-level roles in shared services and provides tips and valuable tools for job hunters. JanusHire is designed to make job hunting simpler and easier for busy executives.

What sets JanusHire apart from other job search platforms?

JanusHire focuses on leadership roles in shared services and maintains the world’s largest, most comprehensive list of open roles across the globe.

Can I find shared services positions on JanusHire?

Absolutely! JanusHire focuses exclusively on job opportunities within shared services, ensuring a diverse array of executive-level positions across all industries.

What types of shared services positions can be found on JanusHire?

JanusHire includes Transformation/Design roles, Global Process Owner roles, Systems/Data roles, and operational roles such as Head of GBS, Site Leader, and Functional Tower Lead.

Which functions are typically handled by those in shared services positions?

Shared services cover transactional roles in Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement, Supply Chain, Real Estate/Facilities, Customer Service, Environmental Health & Safety, Legal, and Marketing.

How do I subscribe to JanusHire?

To access our exclusive executive job listings and related tips and tools, simply visit our website and follow the easy sign-up process.

Can I trust the job listings on JanusHire?

JanusHire ensures the legitimacy and quality of its job listings by obtaining them from trustworthy sources. We list jobs from top companies with many household names such as CVS, Oracle, Citi, KraftHeinz, Novartis, DHL, Capital One, just to name a few.

What sources are used to add jobs to JanusHire?

JanusHire utilizes cutting-edge tools and human intervention to scour all sources of job postings worldwide to aggregate the latest and most relevant opportunities for our subscribers.

Are there specific industries covered by JanusHire?

JanusHire caters to all industries in the private sector and also lists roles in the government and not-for-profit sectors, ensuring executives the widest set of opportunities in shared services.

JanusHire streamlines the job search process for executives, offering a centralized platform with comprehensive resources, including a worldwide list of open positions and job-hunting tools and tips, making your career search efficient and effective.

How does JanusHire differ from generic job portals?

JanusHire distinguishes itself by focusing on leadership roles in Shared Services. We provide a targeted platform for both job seekers and companies looking for executive talent within this niche.

What is “Shared Services” in the context of JanusHire?

Shared Services refers to the collaborative business model where support services are centralized and “shared” across different departments or business units within an organization. JanusHire specializes in recruiting for positions within this specific sector.

Executive Recruiting Services FAQs

What does Executive Recruiting Services mean?

Executive Recruiting Services offered by JanusHire are tailored to the hiring needs of companies seeking top-tier executives. We identify and connect businesses with skilled professionals for leadership roles, with a particular focus on shared services.

How does JanusHire source executive-level candidates?

JanusHire employs a strategic approach to source executive-level talent. Our platform utilizes advanced algorithms and a network of industry professionals to identify, evaluate, and connect executive candidates with relevant opportunities.

IT Recruitment Services FAQs

Does JanusHire provide IT recruitment services?

Yes! JanusHire focuses on leadership positions in shared services. Many roles are related to IT services, including project-related positions for large ERP implementations.

Professional Recruiting Services FAQs

What makes JanusHire's professional recruiting services stand out?

JanusHire's professional recruiting services are designed to meet the unique demands of leaders in shared services. We understand the specific skills and qualifications required for these roles, ensuring a targeted and efficient recruitment process.

Recruiting Services for Job Seekers FAQs

How can JanusHire benefit job seekers?

JanusHire provides a dedicated platform for job seekers looking for executive-level positions, specifically within the realm of shared services. Our extensive network and focused approach greatly increases the likelihood of connecting qualified andidates with the right opportunities.

Is JanusHire only for experienced professionals?

Yes. JanusHire specializes in leadership positions within shared services, including those at the rank of Executive VP, Senior VP, Vice President, Senior Director, Director, and Senior Manager.